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What is a birth doula?
A birth doula provides support, education, and love to a laboring woman and her family. Support could mean anything from massage during labor, helping with guided meditations, silently holding space for the beautiful birth, or helping with advocacy and birth options.

Breakdown of our Birth Services

1-3 Prenatal Visits
These visits will help us to understanding your birth wishes, include childbirth education, and allow us time to get to know each other

Hosting a Blessing Way*
Traditionally, the purpose of a blessingway is to bless and prepare the maiden for motherhood (however, blessingways are appropriate for mamas on the 2nd, 3rd etc child as well) Activities include celebration through singing, dancing, eating, henna art, and much more!

On-call w/ 24hr Support
You will get 24 hour support (2) weeks prior to your estimated due date through (2) weeks after your estimated due date

Labor Support and Initial Support
with physical stability after birth and including initial breastfeeding

Placenta Encapsulation*
Placenta Encapsulation is a process of dehydrating, grinding, and encapsulating for internal consumption. Benefits are anecdotal, HOWEVER, women who have experienced this share common benefits of limited postpartum bleeding, increased milk supply, increased bonding with baby, and little to no postpartum mood disorders.

1-2 Postnatal Visits
This allows us to process your birth experience, and gives you the opportunity to give us feedback about our services

*This is an optional service and incurs an additional fee.

We're here for you, every step of the way
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