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What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula supports the new mother by providing love, comfort, education, and domestic support. New mama’s require care and mothering to help with this beautiful life transition.

Postpartum Services

Closing of the Bones Ceremony
In Central and Native American traditions is a ceremony called, ‘The Closing of the Bones.’ It is believed that while a woman is pregnant, her body becomes the portal for the new life. Her spirit leaves her body and a cooling process begins as her body grows life. After the baby is born, the woman is left completely open and in search of her spirit. The closing of the bones ceremony calls her spirit back into the body, warms her body, and closes her frame/bones.

Belly Binding
Binding provides support for the postpartum belly, internal organs, back, and hips. Women who bind their belly have a lesser chance of a “mama pouch”, sagging skin, and their bellies return to normal size more quickly. Belly binding is especially beneficial if you experienced severe abdominal separation, diastisis recti or pelvic issues.

In-Home Care
Including light house cleaning, meal prep, and infant care.

Postpartum Support
Teas, sitz bath recipes, bottom sprays, and breastfeeding support products.

Pelvic Floor Support
Such as exercise, yoni eggs (an egg shaped crystal that is inserted in the yoni. These eggs help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, clear yoni and womb energy, and restore and increase sexual pleasure), and womb counseling.

Yoni steams
Often described as facials for the yoni. Yoni steams are created and customized for each individual, depending on her needs. They are comprised of dried or fresh herbs, essential oils, and hot water. Yoni steams can be offered to any woman menses through menopause. Benefits include relief from irregular and painful periods, Vaginal cysts, Infertility, Bladder and yeast infections, Hemorrhoids, Uterine fibroids, Scarring from childbirth, hysterectomies and laparoscopies.


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