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What is Sacred Pregnancy?
Sacred Pregnancy is an eight week journey shared with women. We explore pregnancy and birth through a process of self exploration. Share in a sisterhood circle to learn about sacred space, connection + expectations, food + body image, fears, forgiveness, honoring, rite of passage, and sisterhood ‘going to the bowl.’

From Anni Daulter, the creator of Sacred Pregnancy
"The Sacred Pregnancy Instructor trainings are designed for birth visionaries like yourself, who want to learn how to lead the Sacred Pregnancy classes and then go back into your own community and teach them to pregnant mamas...there are two sets of classes you will learn to teach at the LIVE retreats : The "pregnancy journey" classes which are 8 weeks DURING a woman's pregnancy and those are only for women, as they form a deep sisterhood during their time together + then there are "birth journey" classes for couples that happen toward the end of a woman's pregnancy for 4 weeks. Sacred Pregnancy wants to bring sisterhood and connection back into pregnancy + birth and the classes are based on the book I wrote called Sacred Pregnancy."


Pause. Breathe. Be at Peace.